Thursday, August 7, 2008

Focus On Studying, Triage As Needed

Studying heavily while in college is an important factor into what sort of experience you have. If you neglect studying and instead party consistently, you will be worn out by the end and you might not have learned as much as you hoped. Your college experience is supposed to prepare you for the real world, and there is no partying in the real world unless you do the work beforehand. That's why studying hard now will be key towards your future success. Here are some excellent tips:

  • Triage Like Mad - If you've watched enough medical shows, then you'll know that Triaging means to ignore the non-critical patients until the critical ones are taken care of. This can apply to schoolwork too. If you know you can easily squeak through math, but you are awful at history, you need to devote extra time to studying history to make up for the difference in natural talent (especially if you're going to fail a required course). Essentially, though, you should devote time to the areas in which you can improve the most. Instead of studying an extra three hours on computer science to go from a B+ to an A, you should spend the extra three hours moving your history grade from a D to a B.

  • Schedule Yourself - Having time written down for when you're supposed to be studying is an integral part to having an effective college experience. If your calendar tells you to study an hour on a specific night for Calculus, then that will motivate you to take initiative and study.

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